Careers in the Field

Use this page as a starting point to explore possible career paths and college majors
associated with the skills you developed during these sensor building activities. Careers are listed with annual mean salary information.

If you liked working with computers, these majors/
careers include computer programming and coding:

Computer Scientist ($127,460)
Computer Programmer ($92,610)
Software Developer ($111, 620)
Web Developer ($82,370)
Data Scientist ($100, 560)

If you liked collecting and interpreting environmental data, these majors/careers use science to investigate the environment around us:

Environmental Scientist ($85,790)
Chemist ($84,150)
Biologist ($89,100)
Oceanographer ($112,070)
Forester ($63,270)

If you liked building circuits and making the sensors, these majors/careers include designing, testing and creating important tools:

Electrical Engineer ($103,480)
Civil Engineer ($94,360)
Mechanical Engineer ($93,540)
Environmental Engineer ($94,220)
Ocean Engineer ($98,730)

Mean annual salary information retrieved from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( as of May 2019.