6.1 Introduction to Data Loggers


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Materials Needed:

… and one or more of these environmental sensors:

Introduction to Loggers:

Until now, you have only taken environmental measurements at one point in time by pushing a button or communicating using the computer. Either way, you’ve had to be there to tell your microcontroller to take a measurement. But what if you wanted to take measurements at night while you were asleep? What if you wanted to collect data in a place that was farther away? What if you wanted to take one measurement every minute? It would be impractical to physically be present every time you wanted to collect data. 

Conditions in the environment change over time. Over the course of the day, it gets sunnier and warmer during the day and colder and darker at night. Over the course of a year, it gets colder and darker in the winter and warmer and sunnier in the summer.  But we can only observe these changes if we collect data over longer periods of time. It is easier to do this, when your microcontroller automatically collects data at set time intervals (for example every 30 min) and saves it for you to view later. Then we can graph the data to better understand what is going on in the environment.