Workshop Slides

On this page you will find slide deck templates for different age groups. The two slide decks available  contain the same content, however the elementary/middle school slides contain more detailed step-by-step instructions, while the high school slides are designed to move at a faster pace. Feel free to download the slide decks and customize them to your class or workshop. Look for tips and suggestions for educators in the speaker notes of the slide decks.

Additionally, in the workshop slides, you will find that we utilized various tools to facilitate sensor building troubleshooting. Specifically with Padlet, which allows educators a platform where students can share real time photos utilizing their cellular devices via a link or QR code created by the instructor and limited to specific workshops.

It is also important that all sensor builders have access to download Beagle Term on their computers. Students utilizing school issued laptops will require permission from the school to download the Google Chrome extension. We recommend talking to the IT department ahead of workshop dates.