3.3 Basic: Use your light sensor


  1. What is the ambient light intensity of the room you are in?

2. Explore the properties of your sensor:

a. How does covering the light sensor with you hand change the light intensity reading?
b. How does moving your hand closer to and farther away from the light sensor affect the light intensity?

3. How consistent is your sensor? 

a. Take three measurements in a row. Are they similar? 
b. How confident are you that the sensor is precise? In other words, do you believe that when you take more than one measurement they will be the same?

5. How does light intensity vary in your home? 

a. Where are the places with the most light? Where are the places with the least light?  
b. How does light intensity vary when you turn on or off the light in your room? How does it vary as you move closer to or away form a window?

Anchoring Applications

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