Getting Started

Sensor Building Materials:

These are the materials you will need to build and use your sensor. All components are color coded with the legend below. Click on the icons below to be linked to more product information.

Microcontroller - a mini computer that serves as the brains of your sensor
USB Cable - Connects your sensor to the computer so you can interact with it
Breadboard - Helps you connect wires in your sensor circuits
DS18B20 Temperature Sensor - Measures temperature digitally
DS3231 Teal Time Clock - Helps your sensor keep accurate track of time
Jumper Wires - Connects parts of your sensor circuits together
LED - A light source to include in your circuit
Battery and Battery Holder - A power source for your sensor
Thermistor - Measures temperature using resistance
LCD Screen - Prints values from your sensor
Thermometer - Measures temperature chemically
Computer - You will need a computer with a USB port (not provided in kit)

Resistors – restrict the amount of electricity that flows through the circuit. Resistors of different values are identified by different color bands.

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