Build your Logger

6.2 Build your Data Logger

Construct your Data Logger:

Constructing your data logger is very similar to constructing your multisensor, except you need to add a real time clock to your breadboard to log the time your data measurements were sampled. Depending on what sensors you chose to include in your data logger, you may need to move some jumper wires around to make room for the clock. Use the diagrams below to modify your breadboard accordingly. 

Program your Data Logger:

A key feature of your data logger is that it takes data measurements without you pressing a button. This automation is controlled by computer scripts that are saved on your microcontroller. You can modify these scripts to tell your data logger how frequently to take samples and how you want your data to be saved. Below we walk you through how to access and modify the scripts on your microcontroller so you are able to program your data logger to operate the way that works best for your specific environmental questions. 

Important Variables: